2015 Emerald Isle Marathon Race Review

Race Date: March 28, 2015
Time: 4:13.30
Weather: COLD and WINDY!
Course: Flat
Run Again: Not unless I knew for sure that it wouldn’t be so windy

After a long cold winter, some friends and I decided that a beach trip centered around a run might be a great way to shake off the winter blahs. I got a treadmill this winter to help make my winter training more reliable, and came at this race ready to nail a PR and hopefully break four hours.

From a logistics standpoint, the Emerald Isle Marathon is great. Packet pickup was a breeze and so was getting one of my friends to drop me at the start line on race morning.

The course, while flat, was a little boring. It wound through neighborhoods and finished with a rather long stretch that traversed the sidewalk along a busy highway. But it was well organized and there was plenty of support along the way. I forgot how windy beach races could be, but was reminded fairly quickly and brutally. I kept waiting for the tailwind, but as is the case with many beach races I’ve run, the wind seems to be on your nose no matter which direction you turn.

Sadly, I did not break four hours. But I did nail a PR and that also got me third place in my age-group – the first time I have ever earned any running related kudos, so I was pretty psyched about that!