2015 Nova Scotia Marathon Race Review

Race Date: July 26, 2015
Time: 4:24.17
Weather: Perfect
Course: Flat and scenic
Run Again: Probably not but only because I can’t get there easily.

When my husband told me that he wanted to spend some time over the summer riding motorcycles in Nova Scotia, the very first thing I did was find out when and where there might be a marathon that I could run. The Nova Scotia Marathon, held in Barrington, Nova Scotia fit the bill, and so our travel plans started to take shape.

We decided to drive to Nova Scotia so that my husband could take his motorcycle along. My kids are young, but they were born to road trip, so the long hours behind the wheel didn’t phase them a bit. And one of our favorite memories of the entire trip was rushing to catch the car ferry that would take us from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

We had an absolutely amazing time in Nova Scotia complete with whale watching, sea breezes, walking long the bottom of the Bay of Fundy, camping, lots of yummy food and running (for me) and motorcycle rids (for the hubs.) Drop me a line if you want to hear more about the logistics of this trip. But to keep this post from going on and on, I’ll stick with my review of the race itself.

To put it simply: If you have an opportunity to run the Nova Scotia Marathon , you should jump at the chance!

This race is small, but after running a bunch of big ones (including Shamrock and New York,) an 80 person marathon sounded like a breath of fresh air. And it truly was. What it lacked in spectators, it absolutely made up for in scenery and the simplicity of things like parking, registration, and packet pickup.

The course itself winds through suburban neighborhoods that all seem to have a view of the sea. Water stations well well-spaced and there was a option to have the drink/nutrition of your choice waiting for you at each table. The Finish Line post-race scene was super fun.

But by far the best part about the race was the post-race banquet which was open to all participants and their friends and family. My family rarely joins me for races, but I was so glad that they were along for this one. They had a great time driving along on the course and taking in the scenery. And we all loved sitting family style at the banquet and enjoying bowl after bowl of lobster bisque, fresh bread, and brownies.

I seriously loved this race and would gladly run it again if I could get there easily!