2015 Steamtown Marathon Race Review

Race Date: 10/11/2015
Time: 4:19.48
Weather: Overcast and cool
Course: Forest City, PA to Scranton, PA
Run Again: Yes, please!

I ran this race for the first time two years ago and absolutely LOVED it! So after my disappointing performance at this year’s Abebe Bikila international Peace Marathon, I decided that a quick trip to Steamtown was exactly what I needed to recapture my love of the sport.

I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed.

If you want a technical report on the logistics and course for Steamtown, check out my previous post here.

For this year, I would just like to add that the Steamtown Marathon is everything that it’s chalked up to be. The logistics are smooth, the course is A-plus gorgeous, the pre-race food is abundant and amazing, and the post-race food is still as delicious as ever. I’m actually drooling just thinking about it!

I will definitely be running this race again and honestly can’t recommend it enough!