2016 Buffalo Marathon Race Review

2016 Buffalo Marathon

Seriously, it was so HOT!

Race Date: May 29, 2016
Location: Buffalo, NY
Weather: H.O.T.!!
Course: Rolling Hills
Run Again? Sure!

There is just one word that could be used to describe the 2016 Buffalo Marathon. H.O.T. That race was
hot, hot, brutally hot. Which is not something that you would expect in Buffalo, New York at any time
of year. Certainly not the end of May. But hey, if there is one thing you can’t control about a
marathon, it’s the weather. So you just have to learn to roll with the punches. And on May 29th –
those punches packed some heat.

But despite the heat, this race turned out to be a great day. And that had everything to do with the
the spot on pre-planning of the race organizers. It was about a week prior to the marathon that I
noticed the forecast was looking a little steamy for the weekend. And that was right when I started to
get the emails from the race staff warning racers about the heat and reminding folks to hydrate,
hydrate, hydrate in the days leading up to the race and to alter their race plans to accommodate the
higher temps.

The logistics of this marathon were a breeze. The hotel was inexpensive and easy to book, even at just
a few weeks before the event. The expo was medium-sized and not crowded at all, which was a refreshing
change from those big-city events. And the race itself was downright lovely. The waterfront was
stunning, the neighborhoods were cozy and packed with spectators, and the downtown area had a super-
fun vibe.

But the best part about the race was that organizers did such a good job reaching out to the local
community that people came out in droves with hoses, extra water supplies, ice pops, sponges – you
name it. Race organizers also doubled up on water stations and added washcloths in ice to many of
them. It was awesome! And it made the difference between an 80 degree slog and a slightly warm jog
through town.

The swag for this race was fun and funky – a 3/4 zip long-sleeve tech tee, a wooden nickel with a
buffalo stamped on it, and some race-day tattoos.