2016 Wineglass Marathon Race Review

Race Date: October 2, 2016
Location: Corning, NY
Weather: Perfect (50’s and overcast with little to no wind)
Course: A few slight inclines but for the most part flat or slightly downhill
Run Again? Probably not.

Race Recap:
I have wanted to run the Wineglass Marathon for years. I have heard such good things about the race
and it certainly did not disappoint. The only negative thing I have to say about the race has to do
with logistics – the hotels are expensive, they sell out fast, and most require a minimum two or three
night stay. They clearly want you to make a weekend out of this race, but fortunately, it is a darned
good place to spend some time.

My family does not usually come along on race trips – in fact, this was the first time that my husband
had ever come along on a race – but they really wanted to check out the Corning Glass Museum and that
just happens to be the location for the race expo. Bonus! And I can’t say enough good things about the
museum and how much my family loved it. We spent the better part of Saturday there and had plans to go
back on Sunday. It was a relief on my end to know that they had something fun to do while I was
running (and running, and running.)

The Wineglass Marathon is a point-to-point race so you pick up a shuttle from downtown Corning that
takes you to Bath where the race begins. You could also stay in Bath to make your morning transition
easier but you would still need to take a shuttle to the actual start line.

The race itself winds through 26.2 miles of small towns in New York. The crowds are all but non-
existent in between the towns but it makes for a quieter race – all the better to enjoy the lovely
fall foliage. The swag for this race was A+…a sweet long sleeve three-quarter zip tech tee and an
engraved wine glass, as well as chocolates and a mini-bottle of champagne! I was happy to top it all
off with a GORGEOUS pink glass marathon medal.

Would I run it again? Nope. Not because this race wasn’t great, because it truly was. But because even
with all of this greatness, it doesn’t hold a candle to my absolute favorite fall-foliage showcasing,
small-town loving race – the Steamtown Marathon.