2017 Pittsburgh Marathon Training: Week One

2017 Pittsburgh Marathon

2017 Pittsburgh Marathon, here I come!

If there is one thing that you have probably gathered after reading this blog it is that I really
enjoy running marathons. I like visiting new areas and checking out new places on foot. And I
absolutely love the camaraderie of meeting fellow runners during training and along the course.

Last year was a huge year for me in terms of running. Around one year ago, I was gearing up to run my
first race of 2016 – the Disney Marathon and I would be following that up in just a few weeks with two
more. By May, I would have another two races under my belt.

This year, I have decided to slow things down a bit. Not because I want to stop running marathons, but
because I really want to enjoy the races that I do run even more. With that said, I have already
picked the races on my running calendar and you may be shocked to hear there are only TWO marathons on
the list.

On May 7 I will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon and on October 8 I plan my all-time favorite
marathon – the Steamtown marathon in Scranton, PA. In between those two races, I am hoping to try my
hand at the Kinzua Tango – a local adventure race that includes a half-marathon, a 2.4 mile swim, a 20
mile mountain bike ride, 6 miles of orienteering, 7 miles of kayak paddling, and 4 more miles of
running. It’s a souped-up triathlon that takes place right in my new backyard, so I figured…hey,
what they heck??

It all fits in with my desire to squeeze more cycling and swimming into my workouts – both to break up
my running schedule and to hopefully prevent future injuries.

Today is Day 1 of Week 1 for my Pittsburgh Marathon training. I’m looking forward to thoroughly
enjoying this training cycle and not trying to squeeze regular workouts in between bonus weekend

Who else is gearing up for a spring marathon and where are you racing?