2017 Pittsburgh Marathon – One step forward and two steps back

Cross-training with my main squeeze. Before “the cold.”

Training for my most recent race – the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon – got off to an amazing start. There was cross-training! There was stretching! There was yoga! I was having fun! I was hitting those paces! And then…


Halfway through Week 4 of my Pittsburgh Marathon training and I have come down with a cold. And not just any cold – this is the mother of all colds. It started with just a hacking cough. And while I know the rule of thumb – “above the head, go ahead; in the chest, take a rest,” I really had no other symptoms and so I kept on a-running. But all that changed on Sunday – sadly just in time for my long run.

I woke up on Sunday with good intentions, but as I waited for my breakfast to digest, my nose started running and head starting pounding and I decided to exercise good judgement and bail. My initial plan was to do my LR on Monday but I woke up on Monday feeling even worse so bail again I did.

By Tues I was feeling much better. I had a 6 mile NS run on tap so I decided to take it super easy – so easy in fact that I shortened it to 4.5 so that I could also make it to my Tues spin class. I was feeling pretty good until about 15 mins into spin, and that’s when I knew I was dead meat. I started hacking up a lung and continued doing so all evening and pretty much all night.

Lesson learned!

So here I am, halfway through Week 4 and those boxes are not getting checked on my training plan and I’m trying to convince myself that it is early enough that it won’t be an issue on race day. I guess we’ll just have to see about that.