Hitting Reset

Hit Reset

The book I mentioned in the post – and a ridiculously cute kitty in the background.

As I mentioned in my last post, I got hit with a cold/cough thing a few weeks ago that really knocked me out in a number of ways. I should say from the start that I’m actually embarrassed at how much a cold derailed my life.

It’s a COLD! I gt it, I truly do. And I am not usually one to play the “I have a cold card.” But on the last day that I tried to run I coughed so long and so hard that no one in my family got any rest that night. So I decided to play it safe and put some of the lessons that I learned in 44 years and 21 marathons to use – there will always be more days to run but only if I take care of this body today.

So I stopped working out all together and rested. But even without working out, my sleep was abysmal. And when I don’t sleep, I tend to compensate by loading up on caffeine and carbs. Can you see how I got on such a downward spiral?

One thing that I did do over the course of coldzilla was to order a book that I have wanted for a while but had not yet convinced myself to make the purchase. It’s called ‘Hit Reset,’ by Erin Taylor. It came while I was still coughing and sneezing and nursing a headache that seemed to encompass my whole body. So I set it aside for another day.

And that day was today.

Yesterday, I finally – finally – started to feel better. As I write this I am still surrounded by tissues and tea but my hacking cough has quieted down to more manageable levels and I got enough sleep last night to feel ready to halt that downward spiral in its tracks and hit the rest button.

So as of today I am hitting reset.

I hit reset with my running by logging and very slow and easy 4 miles on the treadmill this morning.

I hit reset with my health by asking my husband to take our daughter to her 5:45am swim practice so that I could get an extra hour of sleep.

I hit reset with my mind by starting my day with a cup of tea and some journaling.

And I hit reset with my diet by committing to try the Whole30 program for the next 30 days. I am not a fan of diets or meal plans, but I was intrigued by the idea of focusing more on the foods I eat and choosing only non-processed whole foods for the next month.

More on this later but for now I would love to hear from other runners who have tried Whole 30. I’m concerned about fueling for long runs on a diet of meat and veggies. But I think I am early enough along in the training cycle that this should be a huge deal. For now, I just want to break the cycle of Cokes and carbs and get back to eating healthier, more nutritious foods. Because that will help my health and my running in the long run.