Whole30 – Day 8 and I’m Bloated AF

Ok, so I am 8 solid days into the Whole30 thing and I just have to say that I am not feeling that great. In fact, I woke up this morning ready to send a message to a friend of mine who has done Whole30 before asking her what I was doing wrong. Because Day 1 was great. But on days 2-8 I have just felt like a bloated, gassy mess. And that’s not exactly how you want to feel when you are working so hard to eat clean and stick to the program.

One of the things that sparked my interest in this whole clean eating journey – aside from the fact that I knew a diet of meats, fruits, and veggies could only be good for me – was that I talked to a woman who told me that she had more energy, better sleep, and felt great while doing Whole30. Mind you, she was on Day 11. And I know I’m not there yet, but I hadn’t really expected to feel this blecho while following such a healthy diet.

I was scrolling around on Google this morning to see what I might be doing wrong when I came across the Whole30 timeline. I have no idea how I missed that when I first started looking in to Whole 30 because I thought I had researched it all pretty well. But boy was I happy to find that today.

As you can see from the timeline, not only am I NOT doing anything wrong, but I am clearly on track to getting it all right.  Apparently, my body is responding to the drastic change in diet by healing and finding new ways to digest food without all of the junk. That’s good! And my downward spiral of a diet before starting the program is probably what’s responsible for the length of time it is taking me to come out on the other end (so to speak.)

But while I have been bloated for the last week, today is the first day that it actually affected my marathon training. I had to stop mid run to use the facilities, but fortunately, I was at home and on my treadmill so this wasn’t at all the horrible experience that it could have been.

Word to the wise. If you are considering trying the Whole30 program and you are a runner, make sure you listen to your body during this phase of the program. If you could time it so that you hit this week during a cut back in your training – or when you know you will be running near easy access to bathrooms – it is probably for the best.

Then again, maybe you don’t have as much junk in your trunk as my body is apparently trying to unload.

One great thing about finding that timeline this morning is that it has laid out the other bumps and hurdles I may come across over the next 22 days. Sounds like I might hit a wall in the next few days. But I’m a marathoner. I’m used to walls. And I’m used to pushing right on through them.

And I am seriously ready to feel the “Tiger Blood” vibe of Days 16-27. That’s just 8 short days away. Bring it on!