Whole30 and The Long Run

Road Trip Snacks

When I first started this Whole30 journey, I was concerned about how it would fit in with my running – specifically my marathon training. After 22 marathons, I kind of have a system for the foods that I prefer to eat the day before and the morning before my races, and I try to stick with these options as closely as possible during my training cycle.

It probably goes without saying that most of these foods are off-limits with Whole30. Dinner the night before a race or a long run has always been a turkey sub or pasta. Breakfast was oatmeal or a waffle. And my go-to fuel for both long runs and races was GU (heavy on the carmel mochiatto!)

Embarking on a month of Whole30 meant that I had to rethink all of these pieces to my long run/race puzzle. And as I mentioned on Day 1, if my running suffered, I had every intention of modifying my diet to fit my plan – not the other way around.

But I’m happy to say that this hasn’t been necessary. Thus far, I have run long runs up to 16 miles while sticking with Whole30 compliant foods. For the past few weeks, my pre-long-run fuel has been chicken or steak, a small protion of veggies, and a baked white or sweet potato. I cook a little extra and save one-half of my dinner potato to have for breakfast – both sweet and white have yielded good results.

What I’m most excited about, though, is my new fueling option. I have never had a problem with GU, but I was thrilled to find a whole food source of fuel that I could carry with me.  These applesauce GoGo Squeezes come in packets similar to (but a little larger than) a GU packet. And each one gives me a hit of 60 yummy, whole foods calories. That’s less than the 100 calories I get from each GU, so I have been vigilant about making sure that I take one at least every 3 miles to prevent bonkage.

So far, so good! It’s Day 20 and I’ve got three long runs under my belt using this formula. Do you have any favorite whole food foods that you enjoy before, during, or after runs?