Whole30 Day 28: Undone by Ruby Red

Who buys juice with sugar in it?

Over the past 28 days of my Whole 30 journey, I have made it through gymnastics field trips, late-night swim meets, long runs, day long doctor’s visits, house guests, an extremely stressful family emergency, family visits, and road trips, all while staying 100 percent Whole 30 compliant. But today, on day 28 – just two days out from the “finish line,” I have been undone by a small glass of Ruby Red grapefruit juice.

So here’s what happened. I am sick. I caught a cold in the last few days (somewhere in between a freezing cold long run, that stressful family emergency, and a long road trip,) and today I spiked a fever and developed a nasty cough. So I just felt like crud and didn’t really feel like eating much.

Actually, that’s not true. What I wanted was a nice warm bowl of Whole 30 compliant soup. But while I had people who were more than willing to heat me up a bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or make some noodles or toast, I couldn’t exactly ask them to grill some chicken and place it over a bed of sauteed kale.

So I just didn’t eat. That was probably not the smartest move. But honestly, with the fever, I wanted sleep more than food and was about to head to bed when I asked my husband if we had any juice and if we did, if he could bring me a glass. Suddenly, a glass of juice sounded more delicious than anything else I could possibly imagine.

He returned with a small glass of grapefruit juice and I remembered that my mother-in-law had brought some during her recent visit. I took one sip and knew that either this juice was loaded with sugar, or I was more feverish than I thought. Still, I had not eaten all day and I was sick and feverish and that juice tasted glorious. So I kept on drinking.

A few hours later I checked even though I already knew the answer. Sure enough, the bottle in the fridge was sugar-added Ruby Red grapefruit juice. Who buys juice with sugar in it? Apparently, my MIL does.

Technically, after that five or so ounces of juice, I should “reset,” my Whole30 and try again from the beginning. But I’m not going to do that. I am a mere 48 hours from the end and I have already gotten so much out of this “diet,” that I don’t really feel the need to start over. I am happy about getting to the end of my 30 days but not because I am craving pasta or looking forward to stuffing my face with cupcakes (both of which have been in abundance at my house over the last 28 days.)

I am looking forward to “reintroducing” a few foods – namely black beans and brown rice. And if they feel good, I think I will be good to go. I don’t really miss the sugar anymore at all and I’m thrilled that I’ve learned new techniques on getting all of the added sugar out of my sauces, dips, and dressings.

My goal with my Whole30 journey was simple – to get control over my eating habits and clean up my diet. I have done that in spades. And I would definitely consider doing the program again just to keep my diet in check. So while I’m bummed that I won’t technically be able to say that I successfully completed the Whole30, I am really proud of what I have done and grateful for how much I have already accomplished.

And yes, I will be sticking with Whole30 for the next two days just to see things through to the “end.” Even if it’s not really a legit end. Because the end of Whole30 isn’t really the end anyhow, it’s really just the beginning.