Pittsburgh Marathon Training: Tales from the ‘Mill

So it’s Long Run time in the dead of winter and I have a confession to make…I actually do not mind running on my treadmill.

Now, before you freak out or  start throwing things at me or — and this is the most popular response when I tell people that I actually like running on my treadmill –tell me that there is no way you could ever… Let me just start by saying that I do prefer to run outdoors. And I’m not some sort of pampered runner who will only run on sunny days when the temps are between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have run in the rain. I have run in the snow. I have run in the heat and the wind and even through flooded roads. (wait, is this starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss tale?)

My point is, I can run outside in all conditions. And I really love running outside.

But I also like to get my runs done early. And this time of year that means running in the dark. When I first started running, I would gladly head out in the pre-dawn hours (sometimes – yikes! – even without a headlamp,) and bang out a good run. But I recently moved to a new town and the safety issues of running in the dark in a new town just outweigh any potential benefits of getting that run in outdoors.

Add to that the fact that I now have a treadmill in my basement and a T.V. hooked up to Netflix, and well, sometimes the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy just sounds a whole lot more appealing than twisting my ankle on unshoveled sidewalks. (Did I mention that my new town is much further north than where I used to live?)

So here’s my setup. It’s not fancy, but it works. Today, I ran 14 miles on the ‘mill before anyone else in my family even got out of bed. That’s 3.5 episodes of Greys if you’re counting.

Any other treadmill lovers out there?