Officially joined the #SportsBraSquad!

Fans of Kelly Roberts (of Run, Selfie, Repeat,) don’t need any explanation about this pic or this post. For the rest of you – here’s the scoop. Roberts is a fun, fresh voice in the world of women’s running. She’s a kickass runner, but she’s not an elite. And while she has an awesome bod, she’s not svelte like many of the gazelles you may see at races. In other words, she’s like a lot of us (I’m still working on the kickass runner part…)

But the big difference between Roberts and many female runners is that she is super proud of her body – minor tummy rolls and all. Last summer – remember when it was brutally hot there for a bit – Roberts got tired of always wearing a tank or tee when she was sweating her butt off. So she whipped off her shirt and went about running. Roberts admits that she was self-conscious at first. She is not super skinny and she doesn’t have six-pack abs. But then she remembered that she is a damn good runner and she was hot! And that was the start of the #sportsbrasquad.

I have followed Roberts for a while and thought the #sportsbrasquad idea was a great one. I didn’t think I would be too self-conscious about taking off my shirt for a run. Of course, I recently moved to a new town and don’t know a soul. Also it’s never really warm enough here to warrant taking off your shirt. Sigh.

In other words, it’s easy to feel brave when the situation is hypothetical. But then the other day, in the middle of winter, I was doing a pre-running strength workout in the living room and even though I was only wearing capris and a tank, I was really getting hot. I thought about taking off my shirt, but my husband and daughters were home and I felt silly. So, I think I can take off my shirt in front of strangers but not in front of the people who know and love me best? (That whole sentence sounds weird, but you get what I’m saying, right?)

Anyhow, I thought about Roberts and her body positivity and I gave it a shot. I went about my workout (much cooler now thank you,) and the only comments I got from the peanut gallery were how strong I was looking and what a great job I was doing.

Cool family FTW! So I officially joined the #SportsBraSquad today – not for baring my bra and running around town, but for being brave enough to feel comfortable in my own skin in front of the people whose opinions matter most.