Seneca 7: Relay races are the bomb

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to run my first relay race and can I just say that my heart is absolutely bursting with love. Love for running. Love for this race. And love for these women.

If you’re not familiar with the Seneca 7, it is a 77.7 mile relay in which a team of 7 runners each run 3 legs to make a complete circuit around New York’s Seneca Lake. Depending upon which runner you are, you may run somewhere between 8-13 miles for the day. I was Runner #6 and ran 12 miles even.

I’ve never run a relay before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Oh, and I should mention that I only knew one of these women before I joined the team. Basically, a mutual friend who was on the team, needed to back out and asked me if I would step in. I jumped at the opportunity and I am so happy I did.

These ladies welcomed me with open arms. And while we all went on a few training runs together, it was the 13 hours and 77.7 miles of this race that really brought me into the fold and brought us together as a team.

I am so happy that these women decided to do this crazy race, and I’m even happy that they allowed me to join in on the fun. I love them all and wouldn’t hesitate to do another run with any one of them in the future.

Running brought me six new friends and an amazing new experience and I am eternally grateful to it once again.