Ragnar Adirondacks here I come!

A few weeks ago, I entered a contest in the hopes of winning an entry onto a team of mother runners to run a Ragnar race. Spoiler alert: I won! And now I am frantically making lists and packing and unpacking bags while I count down the days to go-time.

Let me back up. The amazing ladies behind the equally amazing book/podcast/website, Another Mother Runner put out an open invitation to join a team they were putting together to run Ragnar Adirondacks. I have ALWAYS wanted to run a Ragnar race but I have never been able to find more than 1 or 2 runners at a time that might seriously consider such a venture. So I knew I wanted to win this contest. This was my entry:


I won! And not only that, but I would get to bring along a running friend. Awesome!

Preparing for this race has been a blast. I’m still marathon training so I haven’t been too worried about the running aspect of this race. What does scare the heck out of me? Running 7 miles at 1am. Yeah, that’s got me a little worried.

In fact, my three legs of the race are as follows:

Leg 9: 4.8 miles (moderate) around 2:00pm

Leg 21: 7.4 miles (hard) around 1:00am

Leg 33: 4 miles (moderate) around 11:30am

As many of you already know from Strava, I am very much a morning runner. Pretty much get up and go. I don’t run at 2pm or 11:30 am and I most certainly don’t run at 1:00am. So I’m pretty worried about how that’s gonna go. But I’m also willing to just roll with the punches and see what happens.

I’ll definetly (hopefully) be back with a Ragnar race report next week. For now, I’ll just keep packing, and pacing, and praying that it all goes well!

Wish me luck!