Earlier this year, I wrote about my hopes and dreams for 2018. Specifically, my goals to Break 4 in the marathon and Break 2 in the half-marathon. I had a vague notion of how I wanted to achieve these goals…train my butt off to hit my marathon goal at Grandma’s Marathon in June and then find a time before or after that race to PR in the half.

But I realized recently that I needed to be a bit more specific if I really want to hit one or both of these goals. Dimity and Sarah over at Another Mother Runner recommended creating detailed month-by-month goal worksheets for the year. At first, this idea seemed tedious. But when I started to write things down, I realized that I really had no idea how a PR half would fit into my year.

Would I try to do it before Grandma’s and incorporate it into my training? If so, when and what race? Or should I recover from Grandma’s? If so, for how long? Once everything was down on paper, I realized that these were big questions that I needed to figure out now if I am going to accomplish both of these goals. I also really enjoyed the process of setting an intention for each month.

Usually, my training is more of a blur of training cycle-rest-training cycle-repeat. But my writing it all out like this, I can see when I need to push and when I can just relax and take time to keep it fun.

So here’s my goal worksheet for 2018. As you can see, it’s a work in progress, but it’s given me a good framework to kick off the year. You can fill in your own worksheet by following the AMR link (above.) What does your goal worksheet look like? Fee free to leave a link in the comments!