My Running Valentines: Dorothy Beal

Last fall, I had the idea to write a post each day of November dedicated to the runners for whom I am most grateful. Sort of like all of those November “gratitude” posts you see on Facebook but this would be focused on runners. Because I know without a doubt that it is the runners in my circle, both in person and on social media, who get me out of bed and into my running shoes each morning.

Alas, the November Gratitude posts never happened – because —-HELLO, IT WAS NOVEMBER — and like everyone else, I had about a zillion other things going on.

As I was thinking whether or not to try again this fall, it dawned on me that I don’t need to wait until November to show my gratitude.
That’s why I am officially making February my month of gratitude. And I’m going to start by sending Running Valentines to the runners who have influenced me and motivated me to be a better runner.

And so I bring you…

My Running Valentines. Day 1.

Dorothy Beal

Day 1 to my month of Running Valentines is dedicated to none other than Dorothy Beal, aka Mile Posts. If you’re a runner, chances are high that you already follow Beal on social media and through her blog.

I’m a bit of a run-nerd so I follow a number of runners, but what sets Beal apart from the rest is that she is a mortal. Not to say that Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher are not mortal. But they are professional runners who have accomplished things on the course that I could never dream of.

But while Beal makes her living as a runner, her success is not measured by the time on the finish line clock (although her times are impressive.) It’s measured by the number of people that she inspires with her upbeat yet candid outlook on the world of running.


I first heard about Beal in 2012 when she graced the cover of Women’s Running magazine after winning their cover model contest. Reading about her story in that issue planted the seed in my head that I, too, could get faster – and maybe, just maybe I could even get fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Beal has since become a household name – particularly among mother runners (like me). She is the genius behind the “I Run This Body” slogan which can now be found on everything from t-shirts to Garmin watch faces.

I have never met Dorothy Beal but I have interacted with her a few times on Instagram and she always replies and is always gracious and motivating. She doesn’t just post her workouts. She shares her ups and downs, always with a spin that makes me want to lace up and join her. Which I would of course never do because she is way too fast for me and who am I kidding I’m way to shy for that anyhow!

When I first heard the name Dorothy Beal, I had run one marathon and had no idea what I wanted to do with this thing called running. I’ve now run 25 and I look forward to seeing Beal’s Instagram posts everyday to motivate me to run the next one.

So Dorothy Beal, even though you don’t know me, I am sending this Running Valentine to you. Thank you for everything you do to spread the running love and motivate so many everyday runners to lace up and go.

Follow Dorothy Beal here:

Mile Posts



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