My Running Valentines: Jason Fitzgerald

Shortly after I started running, I came down with a case of the too’s.

  • Too much
  • Too soon
  • Too fast

Not surprisingly, I was soon injured. I ramped up the training for my second marathon way too quickly and after the race (the 2013 Shamrock Marathon) I am not kidding when I say that I Could Not Walk. As my husband can attest, I waddled. I had severely injured my right ITB (illiotibial band) and did a pretty good number of my left ITB too. I was in pain just getting up and sitting down. Running was out of the question.

In my search to recover, I went to see a few specialists but nobody had any answers. One doc told me to just completely rest while the other told me that I probably should quit running. Thanks, but no thanks.

One night, after scouring the Internet to find yet another specialist who could offer yet another opinion, I came across this post by running coach Jason Fitzgerald, The ITB Rehab Routine. Thanks to Jason, I now had a plan, I set to work on putting it in motion.

It did not happen overnight, but day-by-day and week-by-week I could feel my ITB recovering. But not only that, I could feel my body getting stronger.

I probably goes without saying that I was able to return to running. And now, 25 marathons later, I still use the exercises in Jason’s ITB routine regularly to strengthen the bits that need strengthening and make sure I am never sidelined again.

This valentine is for Jason because he not only played a crucial role in my recovery in return to running, but he also offers so many running resources – like his ITB routine – to everyday runners, many of which are free on his website, Strength Running.Β  He’s an amazing advocate to the sport of running and you can tell that he is truly dedicated to helping people get the best out of themselves and their running.

That podcaster life… new episodes dropping soon

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Thanks Jason!

Here’s where to find more about Jason Fitzgerald:

Strength Running, the website

Strength Running, the podcast

Instagram: jasonfitz1

Twitter: @JasonFitz1


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