Whole30 Day 28: Undone by Ruby Red

Over the past 28 days of my Whole 30 journey, I have made it through gymnastics field trips, late-night swim meets, long runs, day long doctor’s visits, house guests, an extremely stressful family emergency, family visits, and road trips, all while staying 100 percent Whole 30 compliant. But today, on day 28 – just two […]

Whole30 and The Long Run

When I first started this Whole30 journey, I was concerned about how it would fit in with my running – specifically my marathon training. After 22 marathons, I kind of have a system for the foods that I prefer to eat the day before and the morning before my races, and I try to stick […]

Whole30 Compliant Road Trip Snacks

It’s both a blessing and a curse to start the week exhausted. It’s a blessing, because it means that I had a kick ass weekend. And it’s a curse, because Monday comes along at the same time every week whether we like it or not. So it’s Monday and I’m wiped. On Saturday, I went […]

Whole30 and Running

As I mentioned in my last post, I have committed to a modified version of the Whole30 ‘diet’ for the next month. Why? And what do I mean by modified? I’ll start with the why. Actually, I have a number of whys. The spare tire around my middle is certainly one reason. I try not to […]

Hitting Reset

As I mentioned in my last post, I got hit with a cold/cough thing a few weeks ago that really knocked me out in a number of ways. I should say from the start that I’m actually embarrassed at how much a cold derailed my life. It’s a COLD! I gt it, I truly do. And […]

2017 Pittsburgh Marathon Training: Week One

If there is one thing that you have probably gathered after reading this blog it is that I really enjoy running marathons. I like visiting new areas and checking out new places on foot. And I absolutely love the camaraderie of meeting fellow runners during training and along the course. Last year was a huge […]

2016: The Year In Review

This morning, I listened the latest podcast from Angie and Trevor with the Marathon Training Academy (a great podcast if you’re interested,) in which the husband/wife team recapped their races for 2016 and it inspired me to take a look back at my own running year. Initially, I didn’t really think I accomplished too much […]

2016 Philadelphia Marathon Race Review

Race Date: November 20, 2016 Time: 4:58:03 Weather: COLD and WINDY! Course: Rolling hills Run Again: Definitely Race Recap I went into the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon with some personal drama swirling in my life (my car broke down in Philly rush hour traffic on Friday before the race and a building blizzard was threatening my […]