2016 Wineglass Marathon Race Review

Race Date: October 2, 2016 Location: Corning, NY Weather: Perfect (50’s and overcast with little to no wind) Course: A few slight inclines but for the most part flat or slightly downhill Run Again? Probably not. Race Recap: I have wanted to run the Wineglass Marathon for years. I have heard such good things about […]

2016 Buffalo Marathon Race Review

Race Date: May 29, 2016 Location: Buffalo, NY Weather: H.O.T.!! Course: Rolling Hills Run Again? Sure! There is just one word that could be used to describe the 2016 Buffalo Marathon. H.O.T. That race was hot, hot, brutally hot. Which is not something that you would expect in Buffalo, New York at any time of […]

2016 Flying Pig Marathon Race Review

Race Date: 05/01/2016 Time: 4:41:01 Weather: Hot and humid Course: In and around downtown Cincinnati Run Again: Probably not Race Recap: The Flying Pig is one of those races that almost every marathoner hears about at some point along the way. The race has a fantastic reputation for being well-organized and lots of fun, so […]

Publix Georgia Marathon – 2016 Race Review

Date: March 20, 2016 Time: 5:59.15 Weather: Chilly (40s) with gusty wind Course: (They should call it Hill-lanta) Run Again?: Nope Race Recap: Two things to keep in mind when reading this race review. First, this was my second marathon of the weekend, so it goes without saying that I didn’t have the freshest mindset […]

Disney Marathon – 2016 Race Review

Race Date: January 10, 2016 Time: 5:36:35 Weather: Chilly start but warm at the finish Course: Flat as a pancake Run Again: Probably. Because I am a sucker This was my third Disney Marathon race, so suffice to say that I am a sucker for magic-laced Mickey Mouse goodness. I haven’t completely drunk the Disney punch. But I do […]

2015 Steamtown Marathon Race Review

Race Date: 10/11/2015 Time: 4:19.48 Weather: Overcast and cool Course: Forest City, PA to Scranton, PA Run Again: Yes, please! I ran this race for the first time two years ago and absolutely LOVED it! So after my disappointing performance at this year’s Abebe Bikila international Peace Marathon, I decided that a quick trip to Steamtown was exactly what I […]

2015 Nova Scotia Marathon Race Review

Race Date: July 26, 2015 Time: 4:24.17 Weather: Perfect Course: Flat and scenic Run Again: Probably not but only because I can’t get there easily. When my husband told me that he wanted to spend some time over the summer riding motorcycles in Nova Scotia, the very first thing I did was find out when and where there might […]

2015 Emerald Isle Marathon Race Review

Race Date: March 28, 2015 Time: 4:13.30 Weather: COLD and WINDY! Course: Flat Run Again: Not unless I knew for sure that it wouldn’t be so windy After a long cold winter, some friends and I decided that a beach trip centered around a run might be a great way to shake off the winter blahs. I got […]